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Davey with John Chemidlin & Family at Motorsports 2013, A Bob Armbruster Photo

In loving memory of our friend Jerry Reigle

Paul Arch Photo
Jim Brown Photo
August 8- Port Royal Speedway

August to be busy month for Sammons and Team


After a two week break in racing action, Davey Sammons and the Pioneer Pole Buildings No. 747 team are ready to get back on the track. The team is looking to add mor e racings to their August scheduled after being sidelined due to motor issues.


During the 4th of July event at Port Royal Speedway the team suffered engine trouble and Davey was unable to finish the feature event. The secondary motor was also scheduled for a rebuild at that time but did have some laps remaining. On July 11th, Davey traveled to Lincoln Speedway where he finished 20th in the feature.  The motor was then taken for rebuild, leaving Sammons without power for the July 18th racing weekend.


The team had scheduled off during the World of Outlaw Invasion on July 25th. The next schedule race is Tuesday, July 28th at Grandview Speedway. Sammons is hoping to add a few Williams Grove Speedway appearances to his schedule in August.


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