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Davey with John Chemidlin & Family at Motorsports 2013, A Bob Armbruster Photo

In loving memory of our friend Jerry Reigle

Paul Arch Photo
Jim Brown Photo
New Egypt Speedway
-June 14th-
Big Diamond Speedway
-June 17th-

Coming up for team 747 will be the Dirty Jersey Race at New Egypt Speedway on June 14th and a URC show at Big Diamond on Friday, June 17th. The team will have the weekend off and will then go to Williams Grove on June 22nd.

Special thanks to everyone who puts in time behind the scenes to make this all possible: Our Crew - John Cameron, Danny Sammons, Jim Shreiner, John Snook and David Johnson and their families who allow them to do so, Our Sponsors: Pioneer Pole Buildings, EG Tire & Auto Center, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, Bruce Kindberg, Rider Racing Engines, Rod End Supply, VP Racing Fuels, Behrent's Performance Warehouse, AL Driveline, DMI / Bulldog rears, Wings Unlimited, ARts Radiator, Powtek Powder Coating, ERK Steering, VRP Shocks, Design 500 Racewear and 4 star lettering. And finally, you the fans, thank you for your continued support!

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